Our hope is that every student from UAF Chi Alpha will live and experience real community, real devotional life, and real responsibility during their college career

Chi Alpha meets weekly Wednesdays at 7:00 PM at the Hess Recreation Center in the UAF dorm complex of Moore/Bartlett/Skarland.  These gatherings of small groups are times of worship, discipleship and fun.  Feel free to stop by and get connected to the XA community.

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Real DevotioNal Life

The XA community has taught me how to love, serve, and most importantly, how to devote. Witnessing the self-initiation from other college students initially inspired me to chase after Jesus as a friend. Now it's hard to live through the busy and stressful days without taking moments to devote my time, energy, and resources to the one God who makes all things possible. I was foolish to think that I could have a relationship with someone if I never interacted with them. Through this personal relationship, I continue to learn that devotions aren't a duty, but an opportunity!


Real Community

Real Community

When I got to UAF, I had no idea that Chi Alpha would be apart of my college experience let alone be an avenue for me to know what a real relationship with Jesus looks like. The people who made me apart of their lives from day one of my freshman year are now some of my best friends. I’ve learned that community here is about striving for authenticity and unselfishly loving people through friendship. They want to love you back to health during hardships and celebrate your milestones because they believe in the hope that Jesus gives us.


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Real Responsibility

When I spend time with Jesus or read the Bible, I recognize two simultaneous messages—God loves me and God loves us. It’s a personal love though. He doesn’t just love us; he loves me and knows me. Sharing this love quickly become a joy when I remember that He already knows and loves everyone else.