our hope is that every student from uaf chi alpha will live and experience real community, real devotional life, and real responsibility during their college career. 

University of Alaska Fairbanks Chi Alpha


Real Community

"I spent my last year of high school with no real friends. I thought that real friendship was just too good to be true, but at XA, I’ve met the best friends I have ever had. When I’ve had questions or gone through tough circumstances, my friends always direct my eyes back to Jesus. When Jesus met my needs through my community at XA, I realized that He could meet my needs in every area of my life."



Real Devotional Life

"Before I came to UAF, I thought Jesus was an addition to life. I thought He was an extra-curricular, only deserving a percentage of my life. It was eye opening when I saw people my age genuinely in love with God and His word. It was even sweeter when they were eager to help me seek Jesus for myself. Chi Alpha has truly taught me the difference between adding Jesus to my life, and submitting my life to Him. "



Real Responsibility

"This year I've learned so much in my training to become a small group leader. I've realized that I need to continue seeking the Holy Spirit and trust the Lord with timing. I also gained practical knowledge about walking with Christ and how to disciple others."